Interactive Stem Cells Booster


As we age our epidermal stem cells are less active and lower in number, leading to wrinkles and an increased renewal time of the epidermis. Also, all the cellular activities in the dermal layer slow down, leading to a lack of production of the essential components of the skin, resulting in an aged skin.

Product Specification The Interactive Stem Cells Booster is a boost to your own stem cells, while providing new stem cells. It delays the senescence of essential cells, protects longevity of skin stem cells, protects the skin stem cells, rejuvenate the skin, regenerate, decrease the wrinkles and combats chronological aging.

How to use Apply after cleansing the skin and massage well into the skin, with circular upward movements until completely absorbed.

When to use To be used every night before your daily regime.

Interactive Stem Cells Booster:

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