Interactive Skin Workout


We all or atleast the majority of us exercise our muscles so that we look nice and fit but what happens to the skin. No matter how fit and strong our muscles are, unless we donÕt have good elastic and firm skin everything else fails to look good. Gravity constantly pulls on our body and changes related to gravity become more pronounced as we age. Gravity causes our eyelids to fall, jowls to form, the upper lip to disappear, our breasts to hang, having loose skin hanging from our arms and so on. So what should we do, since gravity is unavoidable? Start walking upside down? The answer is simple and is offered with the Interactive Skin Workout.

Product Specification The Interactive Skin Workout is a rejuvenating treatment that with anti-gravitational massage is able to moisturise and nourish the skin, cleanse from toxic cellular waste and allow the compressed cells of the skin to expand, so by improving the blood and lymphatic circulation we ensure that the cells are oxygenated and nourished.

How to use After cleansing the skin, apply the product on a dry skin and massage it into the skin for 2 minutes. Then press with clean dry hands onto the skin and tear them away with an upward lifting movement. Ungluing the palms becomes more difficult with every move because the tension force increases. The massage lasts until the palms no longer stick. Redness is a good sign that the circulation has been stimulated and that the cells are being nourished. It can be used on both the face and body

When to use It can be used 2-3 times a week. Obviously since gravity acts on our body 365days a year, the more we use it the better, so it can be used as often as 7days a week without harm.

Interactive Skin Workout:

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