Interactive Peptide Volume


The skin is one of the first places to show age, partly due to intrinsic (natural aging process) and partly due to extrinsic factors (external factors such as sun, gravity, pollution etc). Healthy skin cell metabolism relies in the production of collagen and elastin, as well the percentage of hyaluronic acid, to provide moisture and suppleness. When these actives are lacking, the skin layers become dry and coarse, causing the skin surface to wrinkle. As peptides play an essential role within cell metabolism processes throughout the body, a decrease in materials limits their abilities to carry out normal cell functions. Peptides carry out specific roles within the cell metabolism processes, with each having its role to play.

Product Specification The Interactive Peptide Volume isÊa cocktail of peptide actives that work to decrease wrinkle volume, wrinkle density and appearance of wrinkles, while increasing skin firmness, skin thickness and collagen production.

How to use Spray sufficient Interactive Hyaluronate Water over the face. Apply two or three pumps of Interactive Peptide Volume over the eyes, face, neck and dŽcolletŽ and massage into the skin with circular upwards movements using the fingertips until completely absorbed. For those that are undergoing botulinum toxin treatments, the Interactive Peptide Volume is recommended, to maintain the effect for a longer period.

When to use To be used morning and evening prior your daily regime.

Interactive Peptide Volume:

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