Interactive Oxygel Perfluorocarbon


Let your skin breathe as well!

Oxygel has been designed for skin rejuvenating and 
regenerating results. It improves skin renewal and skin elasticity.

The only clinically approved ingredients to boost transdermally, oxygen levels in the skin.

How & When to use Apply on any skin area, even the most delicate, day or/and night, by itself or before other skin care products to increase the penetration of active ingredients into the skin and to stimulate cell renewal. Due to its molecular weight allows oxygen to be carried gradually into the skin over a long period of time. 

•Perfluorocarbons will allow the skin to breathe in polluted environments. A detoxification agent, to clean the skin of carbon dioxide and enrich the oxygen levels.
•Ideal for smokers or people working in polluted, skin hostile environment. 
•Provides an instant refreshing effect to the skin. 
•Very high hydrating properties. 
•Amazing product combined with antiaging products and treatment.
•Ideal for face, eyes, neck and body. 
•Suitable for all skin types.


•Also, provides an effective treatment for sunburn, sensitive skin after hair removal, laser, MDA, acid peels and as an after-shave balm.
•Offers excellent antiaging effect.

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