Interactive Face Crystal Peel


Product Specification A crystal peeling that effectively desquamates the dead keratin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin. By removing the keratinous layer, the cell renewal and regeneration process are stimulated, rebuilding the collagen of the dermis, leaving the skin smoother, brighter and ready to accept skin care products.

How to use Spray sufficient Interactive Hyaluronate Water over the face and then using the fingertips, gently massage sufficient Interactive Face Crystal Peel with circular movements over the face, neck and dŽcolletŽ.

When to use The Interactive Face Crystal Peel should be used by everyone regardless, once a week and a pea size every day mixed with your cleanser, in order to get rid of those dead keratinized cells from the surface of the skin, to stimulate cell renewal and to allow product penetration. Very sensitive skins may only use a pea size together with their cleansers daily and avoid using it once a week alone. Oily skin types may have the need to use the peeling twice a week as well as a pea size the rest of the days. A strong peeling should be avoided more than twice a week, otherwise the skin becomes hypersensitive. However, a pea size used with the cleanser daily is advisable, as it can remove the dead cells without affecting the acid mantle that protects your skin.

Interactive Face Crystal Peel:

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