Corporal Slimmer


Product Specification A treatment that acts effectively on the four stages of cellulite, responsible for the development of cellulite and localised fat deposits. It smoothes and reduces any area affected by cellulite, reduced water retention associated with cellulite and swelling of fat cells, stimulates the cellular metabolism by restoring the intra-cell network, thus stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and acts as a vasodilator. It also improves the blood and lymphatic circulation, thus leaving the skin feeling smoother, silkier and free from cellulite.


How to use

Apply a few pumps and then with upward rhythmic movements, massage the product starting from the feet moving upwards, following the direction of the lymph flow, towards the direction of the heart, until the product is completely absorbed.

When to use To be used morning and evening. Once a day it should be used following the Corporal Thermal Lipo. For better results first use the Corporal Crystal Peel, the Interactive Skin Workout remove and then apply the Corporal Thermal Lipo and Corporal Slimmer.

Corporal Slimmer:

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