Refine Active Cleanser


Product Specification An antibacterial face wash, which is designed to deep cleanse the skin by eliminating the keratinised cells, impurities, excess sebum and bacteria that accumulate on the surface of the skin. It soothes inflammation caused by breakouts, while natural oils prevent the removal of lipids that retain moisture, preparing the skin to absorb the active ingredients of the skin care regime.


How to use Spray sufficient Interactive Hyaluronate Water onto the face and a few pumps of Refine Active Cleanser and gently massage with circular upward movements using the fingertips. For best results, use a pea size Interactive Face Crystal Peel together with the Refine Active Cleanser once a day. Remove with Interactive Hyaluronate Water and clean tissues. Note: If the skin is hypersensitive due to breakouts, avoid using the Interactive Face Crystal Peel.

When to use Use as the first step of your Refine Regime, morning and evening.

Refine Active Cleanser:

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