Top 2 Beauty Trends for 2018

It's pretty obvious that Beauty can be expensive. Tons of different options, so many different styles, tons of reviews and you tend to follow what's trendy from those famous influencers on Instragram...

Well we've looked out for you, and found what's AFFORDABLE and we've found all the sources for you...

#1 Matte Lipstick


When it comes to the right look, you know it all starts with the right Lipstick. So many shades and colours to choose from, but often the best Lipsticks don't last long. 

Imagine spending £20+ on a Lipstick that doesn't even last until the end of the day, and gets smudged with the slightest bit of water...not good! We've scouted the best durable Matte Lipstick for you...and guess what? We've got them for the BEST price imaginable...

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#2 Aura Skin Serum Cream


Let's face it Skin Creams are the HOTTEST thing right now...and we ALL use them. If you're not using a good Face cream you're missing out on some of the amazing benefits.

So here's what we did. We found the BEST and most affordable Skin Serum and asked to order 300 of them and yet again we're passing on the discounts to you!

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